lee eun gyeol the magic started for the first time in 1996 in the Korean Grand Prix at the First International Conference on Magic jwimyeo geomeo Showed prominent since the ensuing large-scale international magic competition and the ability to win in the subsequently recognized in the world Growth as a magician and magic to the world the status of Korea raised.

Strong charismatic stage presence and clean, and quick hand movements of glitz Magic boom in Korea traditional 'magic' out of 'Magic concert for the first time, the brand creates magic in the concert called gongyeongye Birth to the genre in 2001, which is the one who proposed the development of a magic trick performances lovers can not miss event beyond Greater influenc.

Introduction to Magic , he is already 15 years national tour by car and the success of every concert sikimyeo gongyeongye a recognized actor and magician as a In addition, Korea has become a managing director who is constantly developing large-scale magic in. Most ohmyeo held in South Korea, in Asia Is in a unique position to settle in South Korea reached a large magic culture . The comical magic and the magic that polarized Story of the magic of magic opened another chapter , another genre and the Collaboration (co-work) , and a new attempt to the genre of magic and Managing performance in the country where the shadow is performing steadily since 2001, leading to non-mainstream culture is clearly a pioneer.

In 2006, for the first time in Korea < Magic cheheomjeon > Open the magic one step closer to the popularization of the 2010 rookie magician went < ESCAPE TEAM > launched consisting of two individuals with the magic out of the performance limits for the team 's capabilities and potential performance was proven. Yieungyeol still others did not. Impossible challenge what is believed, and firmly position as violinist ilrusyeon Dodgers are going.

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