They are a team considered as nation's first agency produced by the magician Lee Eun-gyeol.

They have the best magicians in country who can practice many different genre of magics including Yoo Ho-jin who won grand prize in the Magic Olympic F.I.S.M for the first time as an Asian,

Hong Jun-pyo who are famous with Las Vegas people's choice, and the new magician Lee Hoon. They don't just do the stereotyped magic performance but practice cultic magics and performances which was evaluated as a new magical trial.

Even they got the focus of the public attention and won highest praise from the panel of judges by producing special performance during Korea's Got Talent and entering into Top 10.

After the tv show, with a brand of Escape gain popularity that a team <ESCAPE> dared to perform

a mega magic concert for the first time as a magic team in September 2011, giving refreshing surprise to magic field.

Now they are one of the best Pop magic performance team in the nation who are receiving continuous attention from broadcasting and performance field.