Name of Company
Date of Establishment
June, 2009
An Jeong-suk
617, Saeum-dong, Ichen-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Field of Business
performance, training of magic, advertisement, consulting 

LEE EUN GYEOL PROJECT Co., Ltd started as a magic performance specialty agency in 2009, and has been running mainly with various magic shows and broadcasting activities. Since its start to lead Korean magic market and to open the various fields of culture and art, it has opened a new prospect in the field of magic show by producing a pure creative performance , including , one of the biggest magic shows in Asia, and it is being recognized as a magic director through works such as musical <200 Pound Beauty> and and a magic performance .

Besides, through the co-work with artists in other genres such as a media artist Jeong Yeon-du, and photographers Kim Jung-man and Lee Dong-uk, it is ceaselessly trying its best to develop the various possibilities and new genres of magic.

LEE EUN GYEOL PROJECT is one of the best magic specialty companies in the country combining experts’ know-how with years of experience and structured system, and it aims at the best in Asia beyond Korean magic market with new attempts and challenges.