[Busan KBS Hall] MAGIC & ILLUSION by Lee Eun Gyeol, a Christmas special program

[TVN] Season2 of Genius Game

[Buk Seoul Museum of Art] Meta Illusion by Lee Eun Gyeol, opening commemoration for Buk Seoul Museum

[MBC] A Challenge to the King of Invention

[Lotte Hotel Seoul] performance - just MAGIC CONCERT -

[Nagoya, Japan] a guest performance in the gala show of UGM MAGIC CONVENTION 2013

[Hunan TV, China] New Year’s Magic Gala Show

[MBC] Season3 of Dancing with the Star, a TV program

2013 invitation performance in Pyeongchang Special Olympics

Nationwide tour - THE ILLUSION -


[Blue Square] encore of regular performance - THE ILLUSION -

Invitation performance in the Exhibition of Hyndai Card TIM BURTON

Nationwide tour - AGAIN THE ILLUSION -

[Chungmu Art Hall] regular performance - AGAIN THE ILLUSION -


Nationwide tour - THE ILLUSION -

[Athens, Greece] 2011 Special Summer Olympics - special invitation performance

[Tokyo, Japan] MBS TV program, Kuraberu Kurabera

[CGV Pop Art Hall] performance - Escape -

Winning Merlin Award in The International Magic Society (IMS)

[KBS] The Emperor of Magic, a special TV program for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)

[Channel A] A Storytelling Magic Show by Lee Eun Gyeol, a TV program

[Grand Hilton Hotel] performance - Again Magic V Show -


Nationwide tour - Again Magic V Show -

Spring Festival - [CineMagician], collaboration work with a media artist Jeong Yeon-du

[Hiroshima, Japan] exhibition at Museum of Modern Art - [CineMagician], collaboration work with a me

[New York, USA] Asia Society - [CineMagician], collaboration work with a media artist Jeong Yeon-du

[Chungmu Art Hall] regular performance


[Beijing, China] F.I.S.M (Federation International Society Magic) - special guest performance

[Jeju] - MAGIC ON STAGE -, performance at Lotte Summer Festival

[Nagoya, Japan] UGM Convention - special guest performance

[Yokohama, Japan] [CineMagician], collaboration work with a media artist Jeong Yeon-du

[Walker Hill] - MAGIC V SHOW -

[Incheon] performance at Global Fair & Festival 2009 Incheon, Korea

[New York, USA] media art at Asia Society Theater

[Buk Seoul Dream Forest] performance, - MAGIC ON STAGE -