Lee Eun Gyeol

An illusion artist Lee Eun-gyeol whom Korea boasts!

Lee Eun-gyeol began magic in 1996, and distinguished himself winning the grand prize in F.I.S.M. first as a Korean magician.
Since then, continually winning the championship in the large international magic championships, he has grown as a globally recognized magician and raised the status of Korean magic.
He is the very person who stirred up a magic boom with strong charisma, immaculate stage manner, and flashy and nimble fingers and created a genre of magic concert in the world of performance, escaping from the previous ‘magic show’ and making a new brand of ‘magic concert’ first.

propose, that he developed in 2001 has a great influence to the extent that it can not be excluded from the magic shows.

He has already 15-year experience as a magician, and he became a performer and magician acknowledged in the area of performance, making his all concerts and nationwide tours successful. And, as continuously developing and bringing the illusion magic show which has been nonexistent in Korea, he holds the record of the highest number of it in Korea and holds a unique position even in Asia.

Now he is establishing the culture of illusion magic show in Korea. Also, he opened another page of magic with comic magic and story magic which dramatizes magic, and is trying something new in the magic genre by co-work with other genres. And he is playing a pioneer role faithfully to lead the non-mainstream culture, steadily performing the shadow performance that has been nonexistent in the country, from 2001.

Opening first in Korea in 2006, he got closer to the popularization of magic; and launching a team composed of budding magicians in 2010, he went beyond the bound of the personal performance of magic and demonstrated the capacity and the potential of team performance.
Still challenging to what the others have not tried or what they have believed impossible, Lee Eun-gyeol is solidifying his position as an illusionist.



수상내역 테이블
2011. 8

Winning Merlin Award in The International Magic Society (IMS)

2006. 8

FISM 1st Place in general Magic, Sweden Award of special merit in Las Vegas

2005. 2

Appreciation Award of International Festival of Magic, Singapore

2003. 10

Golden Mandrake at Le Festival de la Magic in Paris, France


FISM 2nd Place and Ranked at 2nd Place at Manipulations category in La Haya,Netheland


Golden Lion Award at the Would Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, USA

2002. 7

S.A.M. Convention  Centennial Award, People Choice, High Score Award


SA Magic Championship -Grand-Prix award, Manipulation 1st prize award, South Africa

2001. 1

UGM The World Magic Contest in Asia-Grand-Prix, Japan