- Magician Noh Byeong Uk

I.B.M (International Brotherhood of Magicians) Active Member

S.A.M (The Society of American Magicians) Assembly Member

The nation’s first and youngest female professional magicianAn honorary embassador for the youth

A beautiful magician Noh Byeong-uk acknowledged by her skills.

Starting magic after she met it while working as a reporter, Noh Byeong-uk is one of a few female magicians in the country and acknowledged by her skills while working at home and abroad now.

Noh Byeong-uk’s magic is not a simple magic but has stories, with ‘a compact storytelling’.

Expressing the process that an act is made as the ‘infinite repetition’, she makes all clothes and items she needs by herself in that infinite process.

She is very organized to the extent that she herself makes stories, selects musics and produces stages.Sometimes she spends over half a year to prepare for the less than 10-minute performance. She has a lot of things to talk to those who settle for the present.

To someone who does not agonize over ‘the life s(he) truly wants’, to those who plod their way just as it is, and to her peers who say ‘their hearts not beating’.